Trail: Paisagem Vulcânica da Ilha do Pico

What a wonderful island! What a wonderful lanscape! It is no surprise then that the Volcanic Landscape of Pico Island has been elected one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Portugal in the Mountains category. We also find here the Landscape of the Pico Island Vineyard Culture, classified as World Heritage, an amazing effort that was made to take advantage of hostile ground in the lava fields, as well as the Natural Reserve of Pico Mountain that overlooks the whole landscape from its 2351m.
It is along this mountain environment that this trail runs. Although technically it is not very difficult, it is however extremely demanding in terms of physical effort with slippery ground and very unstable weather conditions that may also make orientation more difficult.
The trail starts at Casa da Montanha (Mountain House) amid low vegetation. Walking past the Furna Abrigo, (Abrigo Cave) we climb to the crater of the first eruption and then to the crater of the second eruption, that has a perimeter of about 700m and an altitude of 2.300m. After climbing the 70 final meters of Pico Pequeno, or Piquinho, we arrive at the highest point of Portugal, where we can “hear” the silence of the mountain. From here we can view (provided the clouds allow it) the landscape of the whole island, as well as the other islands of Azores central group. Do not miss it!


Points of Interest (POIs)


The House of the Mountain of Pico Island is a recent building where visitors get support and where there is a control station that records the mountain ascents and descents.

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A very deep cave of around 35m that is located on the western slope of the Pico Mountain and was used as a shelter for those that made preparations for climbing the mountain before the House of the Mountain was built.

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Also known as Pico Pequeno, Piquinho is a 70m high steep peak that is located on the crater of the Pico Mountain, a majestic mountain that overlooks the whole island.

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Other Points of Interest (POIs)

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Technical details

  • Itinerante rating: 9/10
  • Dificulty: 9/10
  • Distance: 8.4km
  • Duration: 8h00
  • Total ascent: 1180m


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